How to Train Your Dog Better

How to Train Your Dog

Dogs are the ultimate pets, for they are multi-packed; fun-loving, obedient, loyal, protective and so much more. Basically everything that a pet owner looks for! Owning a dog is easy, but training it to become a better pet is tricky and cumbersome. Let’s have a look at some tips recommended by the experts and qualified trainers which can guide you on How To Train Your Dog and turn it into a better pet:

Setting Rules:

Pets can become dominant and assertive at times; having their own way as they please. In this regard, it is crucial that as a master, you set out the basic rules and limitations from the beginning. Ensure that your dog is aware of its sleeping place, eating timings, poop place and other rules that you may want him to obey. The idea and aim are simple and one. You need to demarcate the concept in his mind that you are its master and that these outlined boundaries must be observed for it to be a better dog. Additionally, if you pair these rules and their respective breaking and obeying with perks or punishments; your dog will certainly live by the rules. This is necessary as some dogs are inherently dominant, particularly by virtue of their breed and physical size and strength. Thus, you setting rules will keep you in charge at all times! Embrace the master hood!

Love and Affection:

Dogs crave love and affection, as do all animals in fact. While they are strong and dominant in physique and nature, they are indeed soft and calm from the inside. While setting rules is utmost necessary, love and affection are what will nurture and how to train a dog . It will basically instill in him the feelings of loyalty and devotion which are the real true traits of a dog. And we all want one with those virtues!

Tasks and Jobs:

Dogs are essentially active and playful animals; unlike other sloppy and lazy animals. They adore even the little interactions we have with them. This keeps them healthy and mindful of their own. To train your dog, it is also suggested that you engage your dog in some task or job. This may vary from owner to owner, and of course, dog to dog. For example, you may try out Frisbee playing which depicts the typical fetches and play routine. On the other hand, you may also engage your dog in some hide and seek game, which will further enhance his instinct skills. Either way, the idea is to continue assigning jobs and tasks to your dog. Besides, nobody likes a sloppy dog that does nothing! A simple sit and roll trick might do the trick as well!


While dogs love hovering over their owners, all the time, to train your dog into a ‘real’ dog and not just a regular home dog, you must give it the freedom to wander off at times. Don’t worry; dogs have a way of coming back to their owners by instinct, which is essentially embedded with loyalty and devotion. But freedom is really critically vital. It bestows upon the dog the feeling that it is a free being and can do as it likes. It can mate easily with others of its kind, for one. So remember, chaining your dog won’t do much good. Let it be free, and it will result in a much well trained and behaved dog.

Training Collars:

Although freedom is a must, most experts recommend that training collars for dogs are also at times called for when it comes to stubborn or dominant dogs. More so, those dogs that are huge in size and physique generally demand training collars as they become more restricted in mobility by giving the master control. Unlike most critics, best dog training collar do not promote cruelty or imprisonment, but rather discipline and obedience.

Agility Training:

Recently, one of the most effective ways of training your dog is known as agility training. Originating from England, this agility training for dogs is based on the idea of horse jumping that is replicated for dogs through various different obstacles and trainings. As it involves step by step challenges, assignments and levels, dogs are exposed to numerous activities that range from jumping over obstacles, timed tricks, cue games and much more. Such training makes the dog more responsive and smart!

Listen To Your Dog:

All the above tips go by the rules imparted via the so-called expert book, but the most important guide is certainly one: ‘listen’ to your dog. Like any other animal, dogs are indeed sensitive and delicate creatures. Mistreating them will only result in their decay; both mind and body. To avoid this, it is Imperative that as an owner, one is mindful of the feelings of their pet dog. Treat it well, and all shall be well!